Exploring Nature and Imagination

In the fall of 2010, the Milkweed Collective adapted a nature and imagination workshop for children. A teacher, who previously brought her class to the ECiD™ program, helped us design a five-hour program, adding curriculum extensions in several subject areas. In June, the teacher and four facilitators from the Milkweed Collective ran the pilot for a class of 24 students.

The program began with a Nature Walk and a 20-minute “solo” by the ravine adjoining the school. Upon returning to the classroom, the students made a sculpture from clay based on their experience in nature. They then shared and discussed their sculptures in small groups, developing various themes, including Stewardship of the Earth. The next school day, the students wrote Personal Reflections on the Nature Walk and their sculptures.

The follow-up session, three days later, consisted of a slideshow of the program, including photos of the students’ sculptures. As each sculpture was shown on the screen, the student came to the front and read his/her description to the class. The teacher was most delighted. Several teachers requested the program for the following year.