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The Kreativ U-turn Apprenticeship Project was a signature project of Cultural Hotspot, produced in partnership with the City of Toronto. The project consisted of seven local artists of all disciplines from the GTA. They were mentored by artist-teachers of the Milkweed Collective from May through September 2015.
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In 2015, the Barrie Native Friendship Centre (BNFC) and Springwater Provincial Park invited the Milkweed Collective to present ECiD™ programs at their sites. The following year, on February 20, 2016, the first Gshkoziwin-Milkweed Workshop took place at the BNFC.
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Exploring Nature and Imagination: An experience of nature and the creative process for grades 4 to 8. A Nature Walk and a 20-minute “Solo” in a park, woodland or ravine, followed by sculpting in clay. A visioning exercise with the sculptures is followed by reflecting on the experiences in small groups. The class as a whole discusses issues of the environment and stewardship of the earth. Curriculum extensions: Science, Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and the Arts.