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Kreativ U-turn

The Kreativ U-turn Apprenticeship Project was a signature project of Cultural Hotspot, produced in partnership with the City of Toronto. The project consisted of seven local artists of all disciplines from the GTA. They were mentored by artist-teachers of the Milkweed Collective from May through September 2015. They learned to facilitate the Exploring Creativity in Depth™ program from May to June. In July, the emerging artists designed and delivered summer arts programming for children and youth at Arts Etobicoke, Richview Public Library, and Mimico Memorial Library. The project culminated with an exhibition of the children and youth’s work during Culture Days and a multimedia performance. The emerging artists enjoyed combining artistic disciplines to engage the imagination, the creative process and the love of making art with the community of Etobicoke.

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Afterwards, the emerging artists continued to deliver arts programming as part of the Cultural Hotspot Legacy Project, produced in partnership with the City of Toronto. The emerging artists of KUT 7 facilitated creative arts programming in the winter and spring at Albion Library, Brentwood Library, and Richview Library. Participants dived into their imaginations as they enjoyed various activities that combined performance, storytelling, music, dance and visual arts elements to tell one complete story. Learn more about KUT 7 at

A Word from the Team

Austin Clarkson | Director, Milkweed Collective
“We were delighted to be chosen to present one of the Cultural Hotspot Signature Projects, We selected seven extremely gifted emerging artists from among the three dozen who applied and began the training process in May.”

Ina Puchala | Director, Kreativ U-turn Apprenticeship Project
“Igniting the creative imagination, without fail, brings to surface the unique expression of individuality. Your bear witness to this in the range and variety of drawings created during the Kreativ U-turn Project.”

Amy Capern | Mentor, Kreativ U-turn Apprenticeship Project
“The Kreativ U-turn Apprenticeship Project has been an opportunity for me to take on a new leadership role in the arts and to help offer skills transfer, encouragement, support and guidance to emerging artists in my community. Working with these committed and talented young artists has been a rewarding experience.”

Nancy Newton | Mentor, Kreativ U-turn Apprenticeship Project
“The enthusiasm and energy of the emerging artists from varied arts experiences, such as theatre, music and visual arts has been inspiring for me as a facilitator and from my observation, for the children they worked with throughout the summer.”

Robin McPhail-Dempsey | Mentor, Kreativ U-turn Apprenticeship Project
“What an amazing bunch! It has been an honour to work with Austin, Ina, Nancy and Amy on this project and to have the opportunity to develop some of my own skills along the way. It’s one thing to do the work of the ECiD…it’s another to try to share whatever kernels of knowledge you can with the hopes that they will grow into something beautiful elsewhere.”

Lisa Alves, Khadija Aziz, Claudia Di Nucci, Tijana Spasic, Alana Staszsczyn, Evan Tingle and Ksenia Vendrova
Emerging Artists, Kreativ U-turn Apprenticeship Project
“Here we were challenged, both as artists and individuals – learning how to collaborate, how to make decisions on the fly, and how to utilize each of our unique skills effectively. We integrated so many different mediums into our program – art-making became so much more than just painting a picture! It is teamwork, mutual inspiration, and commitment.”

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