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About Milkweed Collective

Based in the Greater Toronto Area, the members of the Milkweed Collective are dedicated to practicing the arts and promoting personal growth in a community context. Formed in 1995, the group includes painters and poets, installation artists and photographers, authors, therapists and educators. The Milkweed art shows and workshops on the creative process have inspired children, youth, and adults to discover their individual potential and celebrate their gifts through the joy of making and appreciating art.

In 1999, the Milkweed Collective collaborated with the Metro Toronto Task Force to Bring Back the Don in giving a two-day workshop on “Bringing Psyche to the River in the City.” In 2000, Milkweed presented the first of several groups shows at the Neilson Park Creative Centre (NPCC) in Etobicoke and workshops on creativity for children and adults. In 2002, Arts Etobicoke sponsored Milkweed to give the Exploring Creativity in Depth™ program to students from area schools. In 2004, Milkweed was funded by the Toronto Arts Council to be Artist-Group-in-Residence at the NPCC. Milkweed was awarded grants by the Arts Education Program of the Ontario Arts Council and the Ontario Trillium Foundation to provide the Exploring Creativity in Depth™ program in 2005 and 2006. In 2007, the Trillium Foundation awarded Milkweed, in collaboration with Arts Etobicoke, a five-year grant for providing the Exploring Creativity in Depth™ program in the schools of Etobicoke.

City of Toronto Arts Services awarded the Milkweed Collective a Cultural Hotspot grant in 2015 to train several emerging artists and facilitate the Exploring Creativity in Depth™ program in Etobicoke. In 2015, the Barrie Native Friendship Centre and Springwater Provincial Park invited Milkweed to present Exploring Creativity in Depth™ programs at their sites. In 2016, the Gshkoziwin-Milkweed workshop was presented at the Barrie Native Friendship Centre and received an encouraging response.


We extend our sincerest thanks to the funding agencies and community organizations that support us.

Funding Supporters

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Community Supporters

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