Creativity Rocks!


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The Creativity Rocks! project presented visual art, creative writing, poetry, and dance by children and youth from seven schools in West Toronto. They made oil pastel drawings during the Exploring Creativity in Depth™ program at the Neilson Park Creative Centre. On April 17, 2013 more than 300 drawings by students, teachers, and parent-volunteers were shown in the Main Gallery. The two pictures that each participant made in the program were mounted side by side to show the changes that can occur during the two-fold cycle through the creative process. The students also addressed global issues by writing poems on the theme of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations, 1948) and presented their poetry in performance.

Creativity Rocks! illustrated the power of art-making to promote trust in the imagination, joy in creativity, understanding of self and others, and community engagement. The success of the project was confirmed by the blogs that the students wrote, inspired by the ArtsSmarts mission statement 'to support the arts as a means to engage students with 21st Century life and learning'. Their vivid and insightful statements confirmed the importance of educating the imagination and encouraging free play as part of the creative process.

North Kipling Junior Middle School won the 21st
Century Youth Creativity Challenge Round 2 Award for its participation in the Creativity Rocks! project. North Kipling Junior Middle School was the only school to receive one of the 12 awards that ArtsSmarts gave coast to coast that year.

Click on this link to learn more about their blogs:

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