Ghskoziwin Workshop


In 2015, the Barrie Native Friendship Centre (BNFC) and Springwater Provincial Park invited the Milkweed Collective to present ECiD™ programs at their sites. The following year, on February 20, 2016, the first Gshkoziwin-Milkweed Workshop took place at the BNFC. Thirty participants included children, youth, adults, and seniors. Some participants were professional artists, while others had little art experience. Participants included parents with their children, teachers, and social workers. Five senior Milkweed staff and six junior staff facilitated the workshop. The Gshkoziwin-Milkweed Workshop concluded with a Sharing Circle for feedback and a discussion of how the program could be provided to children and youth in the Barrie and Simcoe County area.

The latest Gshkoziwin Workshop was held on August 27, 2016 for both artists and teachers.